Archiepiscopal palace
The library can be found in the archiepiscopal palace

The building: Szentháromság tér 1. (1 Holy Trinity Square) H-6300 Kalocsa , Hungary. The archiepiscopal palace is one of the outstanding monuments of the historic city centre, and is situated in the neighbourhood of the Main Cathedral.
Postal address of the library: P0 Box 29, Kalocsa 6301
For quick access we recommend the library’s e-mail adresses. We check on e-mails several times per day, and particularly welcome this electronic means of communication.
Telephone: +36-78/465-280 This also serves as a fax line.

Opening times; Services offered
The reading room is open on working days (M-F) from 9 am to 5 pm.
Equipment available: computers, photocopier, microfilm reader
Services offered: information, literary research, reading, borrowing, borrowing from other libraries, photocopying, microfilm reading, use of the computer, internet access.

The Baroque reading room of our library, a historic monument to Archbishop ádám Patachich, is one of the outstanding sights of the city. Groups wishing to see it will by taken on a conducted tour. Information on what can be seen in the reading room is given under two headings on our home page: Visiting the Baroque reading room, and Guide to the exhibition about the history of the library.
Personal visits to the library are as follows
Opening times: April 1st to October 31st daily 9 am to 5 pm (with the exception of Mondays)
Between November 1st and March 31st we welcome groups only with prior arrangement.
Small groups (less than 10 persons) visiting between April and October can be taken on a conducted tour setting off daily at 12 noon and at 2 pm from the reception office of the palace. The entrance fee is 600 Forints (approx. 2 Euro).
We request all visitors to make prior arrangements for the time of their arrival, so we can make personnel available for their tour. Coordination is most important because the librarians themselves conduct the tours and need to fit these in with their usual daily tasks.

Library of Ádám Patachich
A view of the interior of the library of ádám Patachich

How to reach the building:
By bus: if the bus stops at several places in the city, it is best to get off at the Hospital, from where the double steeple of the Cathedral is already visible. Five minutes walk along Lajos Kossuth street will get you to Holy Trinity Square (Szentháromság tér).
Should the bus only stop at the main bus station, then take King St István (or Main) Street, which runs from Malatin Square (bus terminal) to Holy Trinity Square. The walk will require 15 minutes. (There’s no public transport in the city from the bus terminal to the library.)
By train: the train station is about 20 mins walk from Holy Trinity Square, along Railway Street, then Lajos Kossuth Street, passing the Hospital. Trains, along the Kiskőrős-Kalocsa line, run infrequently, and the need to change trains makes the journey comparatively slow. Few people choose rail when visiting Kalocsa.
By car: from Budapest take route No. 51 (south) to Kalocsa. Arriving in the city along Dunapataj road, turn right at the first traffic lights. That’s Lajos Kossuth Street leading you all the way to Holy Trinity Square. There is a parking lot behind the Cathedral.
From Baja take route No. 51 (north). Arriving in the city along Bátyai road, turn left at the first traffic lights (at Malatin Square bus terminal), into King St István Street, which leads you all the way to Holy Trinity Square. Part of King St Stephen Street is reserved for pedestrians, and car traffic is led off it to run (left and right) along parallel streets named Hunyadi or Tomori Street.
From the direction of Kiskőrös, arriving in the city along the Miskei road, go straight across at the main intersection (at Malatin Square and bus terminal) to King St Stephen Street, leading you to Holy Trinity Square.
The street map below will give you further assistance.

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