Divisions by language and subject in the stock

The major portion of the stock is written in the Latin, German or Hungarian languages. There are many books in the western (French, English, Italian, Spanish), eastern (Arabic, Hebrew, Syrian, Persian), slavonic (Serbian, Croation, Russian) languages, but the library also keeps documents written in Mongolian, Eskimo, Chinese, Hindustani and Kaffir languages.

The ratio of works dealing with theology and religion is some 45%: Bible publications (polyglot, Hebrew, Greek languages, as well as several Vulgate), translations of the Bible (in more than 30 tongues); ethics, priestly duties, church fathers, scholarly writers’ published materials, works of Church history, Church law. Documents of the Counter-Reformation can be found, just as the original texts of the reformers (particularly Luther, Calvin, Melanchton, Erasmus).
Almost every branch of the worldly sciences is represented in the material, those of philosophy, science of history (more than 9000 volumes), including the auxiliary sciences (archaeology, genealogy, chronology, diplomacy, heraldry, about 750 volumes), science of literature, science of nature (about 4500 volumes: medical science, physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, zoology, botany, natural history, minerology, and geology, etc). A significant number of works deal with linguistics, culture and the fine arts. There are many pieces covering the social sciences, (about 2400 volumes), especially from the 19th and the first half of the 20th Centuries.

The library cares for 634 various journals bound in 9000 volumes, 4000 volumes of register of names and personal details of priests, almanacs, 400 volumes of local history style works, more than 50 engravings, small print (such as holy pictures). Some 26,000 volumes deal with geography and related sciences, within which quite valuable are the collection of maps and atlases.