Traditional index-card catalogues: alphabetical by author, by subject.
Catalogue by computer: using the ORBIS database operating system.
Special database is built of some sections of the collection: the one called Antique-database contains documents originating from the period before 1850; the Book-database contains those of the period after 1850; manuscripts are in the Ms-database; the Periodic-database contains journals; the Map-database maps. The special collections have their own distinct catalogues, records. Separate catalogues are made of the manuscripts, of incunabula, of old Hungarian books, of journals, of maps, local history material, photographs, engravings.
The newest version of the catalogue by computer is available on the computers at the library. Via the internet catalogues are provided by the regularly updated THECA - the Church librarys’ search engine. This collective database contains books published after 1850. The program gives an opportunity for searching in the volumes of several of the Church’s libraries jointly, or looking in the catalogue of a selected library