Guidelines for Using the Library

How to Enroll

The Cathedral's Library of Kalocsa is a public library where every Hungarian citizen and foreign researcher can enrol having provided their personal information (name, address, ID number, passport number, phone number, and email address). Identity documents are required for the registration. For those without income or workplace, a guarantor should acknowledge compliance of the library’s guidelines and financial liability, on behalf of the person registering, by signing the entering and guarantee statement. Violating the guidelines of the library automatically terminates the rights to enrol and results in the termination of the membership. Yearly membership fee: 800 HUF. Membership is valid for one year from the date of registration.

Using the Reading Room

The following services are free:

  • Visiting the library room

  • Using selected collections (books and periodicals) in the library room

  • Using the library’s search tools

  • Requesting information about the library and the services of the library system

Rare collection materials (documents published before 1850) can only be accessed in the reading room by researchers obtaining research permit. (More information: Rules of using the special and rare collection documents). Up to three documents can be used simultaneously by one library reader in the reading room.


Copies can be made only of the library's documents, adhering to the applicable regulations of the Hungarian Copyright Act (Act No. LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright). Our staff members deliver copies of shorter documents on the same or next working day depending on their current workload. Copies of longer documents are delivered within two working days.

What May Not Be Copied

- Documents published before 1850

- Complete documents

- Large periodicals and auxiliary books

- Damaged documents even if they were published after 1850

- Handbooks (dictionaries, lexicons), reference books

- Art albums and small documents

- Manuscripts

- Materials of the special collections

Digital Copies

Visitors may use personal digital cameras to make copies of library material following the rules of making digital copies (Appendix 1) and filing a statement (Appendix 2).

Rules of Book Borrowing

Books published before 1920, materials from the special collection, periodicals, handbooks, auxiliary books, and documents on local history may not be borrowed. Books can be requested for borrowing by filling in a library card. Borrowed books are recorded by the librarian and the book request form and library card must be signed by the borrower. The borrower accepts full financial liability for the borrowed documents. In case the borrowed document is damaged or lost by the borrower, a replacement copy must be provided by the borrower. Books can be borrowed for a period of 30 days and the loan period can be extended by renewing it up to two times. Overdue fine is daily 50 HUF/borrowed item. An overdue notice is sent by the library to the borrower 1 week after due date. A second notice is sent on the second week and a third one is sent on the third week after due date. Upon receipt of the first overdue notice, the daily overdue fee is 150 HUF/borrowed item. If the borrowed items are not returned after repeated notices, the borrower’s membership might be terminated by the chief librarian.

Interlibrary Loan

Documents (originals or copies) not available in the library's own collection are provided to the borrowers by interlibrary loan. Interlibrary loan charges are to be paid by the borrower.

General Rules of Using the Library

Visitors shall use the cloakroom at all times. No coats, bags, food and drinks are allowed in the reading room. We ask our readers to follow our guidelines and to avoid any activities that might be disruptive (eating, phone calls, talking etc). The library reserves the right to refuse to offer its services to anyone violating the library's guidelines.




Registration fee

800 HUF/year

Research ticket

500 HUF/day


25 HUF/side (size A4)

50 HUF/side (size A3)




50 HUF/side

Taking photos of not borrowable documents (according to Appendix 1)

500 HUF/occassion

Single publication of a digital photograph

1500 HUF/photo

Digitization of images, texts

100 HUF/image, side

Saving to CD

300 HUF/CD


Kalocsa, 23 September 2016

Zita Grócz
chief librarian